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3 Essential DOS and DON’TS while raising a car insurance claim

3 Essential DOS and DON'TS while raising a car insurance claim

If you are a car owner in India, you are probably aware that it is mandatory to have at least third-party motor insurance to be able to drive a vehicle on the roads here. Motor insurance helps secure you against any heavy expenses that may arise during an accident. Now, we all hope to never claim our insurance, but it helps to be informed in advance. Being involved in an accident can be stressful and at least, you would want to get through the claims procedure smoothly. To help you out in that direction, we have listed down 3 essential DOs and DON’Ts to keep in mind when raising a car insurance claim. 

DOs when raising a claim


  • DO call up your insurer at once


The first thing you need to do when raising a claim is to contact your insurer immediately. Ask them what needs to be done as per their procedure. For instance, they may need an FIR to file the claim. Having all the right information will ensure that you won’t go wrong. 


  • DO take pictures if possible


If you are in a condition to do so, try to capture images of the accident scene. These images can prove immensely helpful when you raise your car insurance claim. 


  • DO be honest in your report


Never try to exaggerate the nature of your car insurance claim. Make sure to state all facts as accurately and honestly as you remember them. 


DON’Ts when raising a claim


  • DON’T get into any unofficial agreement with the third party


If the third-party involved in the accident with you tries to convince you to make some deal with them instead of a claim, do not do so. Always inform your insurer and do things the right way.  


  • DON’T panic and drive away


Even if your vehicle has just sustained a minor damage, leaving the scene in panic is a bad idea. Stay where you are and make sure to inform the police and your insurer. If you have sustained any injuries and need medical help, try to ask for it to be sent to you at the scene of the accident if possible. 


  • DON’T delay filing the claim


Your insurance provider will have a limited number of days within which you have to file your claim. Delaying the process is, therefore, not advisable. If you have been badly injured in the car accident, your insurer will offer a solution accordingly. Always communicate your situation with them as soon as possible. 

Do keep all these points in mind when raising a car insurance claim so that the entire process takes place smoothly. 

These days, you can easily buy car insurance online in a few steps. You can make use of tools like the IDV calculator to help you in the process of selecting the right coverage. 

We hope that this information has been useful for you today. 


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