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5 mistakes to avoid while selling the house a realtor

5 mistakes to avoid while selling the house a realtor

One of the most significant milestones any person would have is to own a piece of land that they’d call home. But, it also matters a lot when they have to sell it too. A listed property comes with a lot of upgrades as well as memories. It isn’t easy for anyone to sell their home as it requires a practical and realistic approach.

As a realtor, you are required to stand your ground to ensure things run smoothly. Passing the paper from one owner to another is a task and

a half. And, it demands your keen observation of the quality of the property and its finances. Here are some of the pointers that are best avoided to have a hassle-free deal.

Incorrect cost estimation

It’s pretty usual for the homeowner to overestimate or underestimate their property’s value. Be precise with your client in letting them know the price with and without renovations. They must understand how the commission system works. 

Just because you’re selling their home for $300,000 doesn’t mean they get to keep all the money. The owner also needs to recognise the bargaining amount the buyer might ask and decide if they wish to shell off some amount if need be.

A home inspection

You need to consider this as a mandatory phase before you list the house for sale. Things might seem all fine on the exterior until you inspect and figure out that the bungalow has a termite issue.

A home inspection comes at a very affordable price. And you can make a list of the inspectors quite easily. If you’re searching for collaborators, finding them is easier than before. is an AI-powered person search tool. This freemium website can help you access all the professional emails in just a matter of seconds.

Basic etiquettes

Before you list the home or even stage it for buyers, few things cannot go unnoticed. Major renovations and repairs are to be done by the house owner’s end without any compromise.

Take pictures of the entire property from inside as well as outside. It gives a better understanding for the potential buyer. Cleaning, repainting and refurbishing it is essential to attract a better set of buyers.

Go digital, go local

Advertising locally is essential. However, more people get to know about your listing of the property through online mediums. Estimate the social media power and share your listings through it.

Utilize email marketing strategy and send proposals to potential clients. You’d be surprised with the response rate. And find your new clients online through email search tools like

Nothing personal

Some of the house owners can be very persistent about visiting the house tours and stagings. As much as they’d show interest and promise to stay low, it is better to turn down their offer politely.

More often than not, these homeowners might take things personally when potentials share some opinions. New owners would want to feel the energy around the house, and things will only get awkward with the old ones in the picture. It will affect your job too, as you can’t concentrate enough on one party.

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