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All About Himachal Treks




Mcleodganj trek provides a number of treks to explore nature and you will find even the easiest trek and the most difficult trek here. Mcleodganj trek is located over the outskirts of Himachal Pradesh and a lot of trekkers do this trek to have an insightful trip. You can start your trek from Mcleodganj to triund which is the easiest trek which covers the short distance. Mcleodganj is built up around one way ring road near Jogiwara road and it is the most suitable starting point as you see breathtaking sceneries and green landscapes which are exhilarating. 

You have to start your trek from the main square in Mcleodganj through the local Khao gully where you see cattles on the way to the paved road. You go through Dal lake Mcleodganj road which is 2.5 kms long and it offers a great scenic route.  

Bhagsu Nag is the small village which is 1.5 kms from Mcleodganj which provides you spectacular views of Shiva temple and climbing up to the high you see the BhagsuNag waterfall which will mesmerize your whole journey. There are steeper sections and the path is paved so be careful while trekking.


Triund Trek attractions:

The most famous trek from Mcleodganj is Triund hill which starts from Dharamkot or you can also wish to start from Bhagsu Nag. Bhagsu Nag route has steeper sections but easy to trek except in the rainy season. The two routes then meet a common temple that is Gallu devi temple and at this point your real trek starts. And when you reach the top peak you see the view which you have never seen before. You see the flat meadows surrounded over big snow capped mountains. It offers you a panoramic view of the Dhauladhar range which is pristine and other plains. 

You see the beautiful sunset on the sunset point located near Naddi road which is 6,300 feet high. And it is not about the sunset only but also the sight of Dhauladhars on the opposite end. The golden orange view the sunset point offers will capture your heart. 

Bhagsu Nag is another major attraction on the upper Mcleodganj. It is an easy trek and you will also discover Bhagsu waterfall and Bhagsu temples. There you can easily find cafes near the temple and you can enjoy a cup of tea there in the middle of the mountains. There is the 18th century temple built there in stone and the walls are beautifully drawn by carvings and inscriptions and not only this you will also find a pool inside the temple which is meant to hold some spiritual norms. So do take a dip in the pool to make your soul purified. 

Galu temple which is located above Mcleodganj and Dharamkot is where the major treks start from. It is covered with great Himalayas and you see the serene waterfall there. Galu temple is the spot where the Triund trek begins from. 

Next comes Guna devi temple located 8 kms away from Mcleodganj and the views from the top are excellent especially the view of Bhimaghasturi pass. Two trails lead to Guna devi temple namely Dal lake and Balgaon. Also if you wish you can also trek from Galu temple to Guna devi which covers 7 kms distance. 

Triund located at a height of 9,350 feet is the trek which should not be missed in Mcleodganj. It takes you to the interiors of Dhauladhar and the clear sky is what you see in Trund. Triund trek is easy to cover and it passes through the forest with steep ascents. You can also stay here at night and watch the beautiful sunrise next morning. 

If you want to trek beyond Triund you may further trek to a snow line which is 10,800 feet high. It is the Indrahar pass which offers the magnificent views of snow. It connects Kangra valley and Chamba. It is advised to go here with guides as the trek becomes treacherous with rocky snowline. 


There are also other treks you can do from Triund which includes Kareri lake, Manimahesh lake, Mikiani pass which will make your journey more thrilling and challenging. 

Mcleodganj trek is not only a trip to the towns and serenity but mainly the views of the Dhauladhar range it offers so get ready to explore the vast ranges of Himalayas. 

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