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7 Curtain Designs That are in Style this 2021


One of the best way to decorate and design your house is to choose the right curtains suitable and ideal for your interiors. Apparently, curtains are the house’s veil. It becomes the ascent during daytime and a descent during night time. Moreover, it doesn’t only function as a window drapery, it also adds elegance and gracefulness to your house.

If you are choosing the right and perfect curtain design you want to put on your home, continue scrolling for I am going to show you the 7 curtain designs that are in trend this 2021 and even to the next years to come.

Let’s dive into it.

Classic Black and White

We’ll never go wrong with black and white curtain designs. It always depicts balance and equilibrium. It also conveys fineness because of its simplicity. As the saying goes “Simplicity is beauty”. Aside from elegance, it also shows neatness and orderliness inside your home.

Two-color design

The two-color design curtain has been a trend for a while now. Usually, you choose two different colors and one color is dominant, the other is not. Meaning, you put one color on each side and the other color is placed in the middle. For instance, brown-orange-brown or blue-white-blue.

By this, you are creating simple but classy curtain design. Just make sure to stick on the color combination rules.

Beaded Curtains

Beaded curtains was very popular during early to mid-70’s but that doesn’t change the fact that it is still widely used and is still present in some houses today. Bead curtains give a touch of partition. They screen and filter the light that passes through the house but also allow plenty to come through because of the reflection of the beads.

Although, it doesn’t give you much privacy and this kind of curtain design doesn’t suit some modern houses these days. Yet, you can still put beaded curtains into consideration.

Lace-detailed Curtain

Lace curtains are very ideal for houses that are simpler and natural. This kind of curtain also is very ideal for houses with glass windows for it let light pass through. But, unfortunately, it is made from fabric which are not ideally good because it is not suitable for modern homes. But if it fits your house, then you can add lace curtains to your options. There are still ways to design lace curtains so that it will look more modern.

Swag Curtains

Swag curtains are more seen as grandeur and classy. It gives an undeniably elegant and fine design to your entire home. They are just hung loosely and you can style them whatever you want to for as long as it can add romance to your area. Swag curtains are commonly placed inside the bedroom for it blocks light.

Plain Color

We wouldn’t also want our house to be overly decorated. So often times, we choose simple designs over complicated ones. Now if you want to stick to this idea, you can just pick one color for your curtains. To make it more dramatic, you can add curtain accessories such as curtain tassel tiebacks.

Shades of gray minimalist

As a continuation to the minimalistic idea or theme, you can choose a color of your curtain that has a shade of gray or you may combine two to three shades of gray to make your house more elegant. Just so you know, that curtains with gray color or any shades of gray is very popular today especially in modern home.

If you want to go with the trend, then you may choose minimalists color. And Shades of gray is on the top list.

Whatever curtain design you opt to choose, make sure that the design complements and supports the theme or motif of your house. In addition, make sure to choose a curtain that has good quality and is durable.

Make sure to choose quality over design. Well, design and looks are important but quality must rise above all. I know a store that produces the best quality of curtains. Check out Yorkshire Fabric Shop and look for the wonderfully woven curtains they have.

I hope I have given you tips of knowledge you can use in planning the curtain design you want.

Until next discussion,


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