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What Happened to the Most Popular Manga Scalation and why Mangastream is Gone!


What Happened to the Most Popular Manga Scalation and why Mangastream is Gone!

Manga comics have a separate fanbase. Many readers enjoy these complex comics that have different types of characters. Back in the day, whenever someone wanted to read a Manga comic for free, he/she would immediately turn to Mangastream. 

For people who don’t know, Mangastream used to be one of the most popular Manga scanlation platforms where one could read all their favorite manga comics 24/7. It had a decent fan following and hundreds of popular comics that always attracted new readers. 

In fact, it was so popular that you could even read one piece on Magastream. So, what happened to the platform? Why did its creators decide to shut down its services permanently? Will it ever come back again?  

These are a few questions that every Manga fan wants to find answers to. If you’re one of them, continue reading as today we’ll unveil what happened to Mangastream and whether it’ll ever resume its services or not. 

What is Mangastream?

If you have no idea what we’re talking about, here’s what you should know. Mangastream was the most popular scanlation where users could find a variety of Manga series. All its services were free and it also offered high-quality graphics. Basically, people who didn’t want to buy the officially released version of the comic visited Mangastream to quench their thirst.  

Why Did Mangastream Discontinue its Services?

The reason why Mangastream is gone permanently is that it was an illegal scanlation. All the scanlations on Mangastream were basically scanned versions of the original comic that caused copyright infringement. Due to this, the original Mangas creator forced the discontinuity of Mangastream. Even though it’s not a confirmed fact, the majority of Manga fans have come to this conclusion. 

Another speculation that’s removing around the Internet says that the creators of Mangastream wanted to discontinue their services on their own. They had been leading the industry for more than a decade and wanted to give other free Manga scanlations a chance to grow. But, since none of Mangastream’s social media handles shared this news, it’s safe to say that this is not the truth.   

Furthermore, following Mangastream’s footsteps, even Jaiminisbox released an official notice and decided to stop releasing the scanlation of the original Manga comics. However, you can still go to Jaminisbox and read other stuff such as Webtoons. 

Is Mangastream Down Permanently?

Since Magastream is gone, many fans want to know if it’d ever come back in the coming future. Unfortunately, Mangastream has discontinued its services forever. In fact, all its social media handles have been made private and all the tweets have been removed from the official Mangastream Twitter account as well. Considering all these situations, it’s less likely that Mangastream will ever resume its services. 

Are There Any Mangastream Alternatives?

With Mangastream down forever, everyone’s looking for a similar platform that can offer such an extensive list of comics for free. To make your job easier, we have cherry-picked a few of the best Mangastream replacements that you could visit to read all your favorite Manga comics.  

1. MangaGo



If you’re looking for the best Mangastream alternative, MangaGo is the right answer. With an easy-to-navigate interface and extensive Manga library, you’ll find it way easier to find all your favorite Mangas.

The website has dedicated categories that will help you locate specific manga comics without wasting time. One of the major benefits of MangaGo is that it has a dedicated “Popular” section where you’ll find all the popular manga comics. This section is updated regularly, allowing people to find the most popular manga easily.

2. FanFox



FanFox is yet another platform to find and read popular manga comics. At FanFox, you’ll find a wide variety of genres including Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, etc. This means if you are a Manga fan, you’ll never run out of thrilling content with FanFox.

The website also displays the user ratings for each manga comic. This will be an extremely helpful feature for users who are new to the Manga world and can’t decide which comic to read. Finally, you can also download the dedicated FanFox app on your smartphone. The app also has a pretty intuitive interface and it’ll allow you to read your favorite Manga comics on the go.

3. MangaPanda



MangaPanda is a decent MangaStream alternative with enough content for all Manga fans. The website’s database is updated regularly so that users can find the latest Manga comics easily. Though its user interface isn’t as appealing as the previous two websites, MangaPanda is a great choice for beginners who have just stepped into the Manga world.

One of the major advantages of MangaPanda is that it also offers animes and Chinese movies. So, if you ever get tired of reading Mangas, you can always dive into the anime world and binge-watch the best animes.

4. MangaOwl


Like MangaStream, MangaOwl is also an open-source manga scanlation website where you can read your favorite Manga comics for free. With a dedicated drop-down menu for genres, you’ll find it much easier to find manga from a specific category.

The website also has a search bar at the top that’ll help you instantly find the desired Manga comic. However, the major USP of MangaOwl is its exclusive ‘Discussion Forum’. You can join this forum to connect with Manga fans from across the world and stay updated with the latest Manga buzz.

5. MangaFreak


MangaFreak is one of the best Mangastream alternatives that you can use to read manga in 2021 for free. Like all the previous websites, MangaFreak has a diverse library, allowing users to find a wide variety of Manga comics.

With MangaFreak, however, you can also bookmark your favorite comics and even share them with your friends. This is a pretty useful feature, especially if you’re planning to read a dedicated Manga series.

6. MangaReborn


MangaReborn is a great choice for users who are looking for a simple MangaStream alternative. The user interface is extremely simple and there are no irrelevant ad-popups either. MangaReborn will help you read your favorite manga comics without getting interrupted whatsoever.

Despite having a simple interface, the library is quite big. With MangaReborn, you’ll be able to find all yoru favorite mangas with one click. In addition to this, the website also has a dedicated “News” section where you can find the latest buzz in the Manga world.

7. MangaDoom


MangaDoom is another simple MangaStream alternative that’s a good choice for beginners as well as veteran manga fans. The website has different categories that are well-tailored to help users find the desired manga comics easily.

All the comics on MangaDoom are available for free, which means you won’t have to pay even a single penny to read your favorite manga. The website also has an active “Discussions” section where all the manga fans share the latest updates every day. So, if you also want to join an active Manga community, MangaDoom is the best option.

8. TenManga


TenManga is also a good Mangastream alternative for all Manga fans. Apart from the traditional genres, you can also find dedicated categories such as ‘Hot’, ‘New’, and ‘Surprise’. The last category is our favorite because it’ll give you a random suggestion for a manga comic. So, if you are not sure what to read, you can always click the “Surprise” button and TenManga will automatically suggest you with a dedicated manga comic.

9. MangaPark


If you’re looking for a children-friendly MangaStream alternative, MangaPark is the best option. Unlike other manga websites, MangaPark allows users to turn off adult content. This means if your kid wants to read manga comics, you won’t have to worry about him seeing any irrelevant content.

Apart from this, you can also choose between two dedicated themes to get a completely personalized reading experience. As far as content availability is concerned, MangaPark has enough comics to aid your manga marathons.

10. MangaTown


Last but not the least, MangaTown is also a great Mangastream alternative. The website offers thousands of Manga comics, which means you can find enough content for your binge-reading sessions. Each manga comic has its own user rating to help new readers find the best content. You can also follow MangaTown on social media handles to find the latest news about new releases and general manga buzz.

The Bottom Line

Even though Mangastream is gone permanently, you can still try its alternatives to get access to thousands of Manga comics for free. It doesn’t matter if you want to read One Piece mangastream or My Hero Academia, these online scanlations will help you find your favorite comic and read it for free.


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