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Does the Size of My Motorcycle Helmet Really Matter?

Does the Size of My Motorcycle Helmet Really Matter?

Riding a motorcycle is a unique experience. The speed. The control. The risks are exhilarating. Every time a motorcyclist gets on their bike, they understand the increased danger they are in, and it is not because of anything in their control most of the time. The real danger is other drivers, those in cars.

Smart motorcyclists understanding wearing safety equipment is a wise decision, regardless of the laws. In some states, bikers are not required to wear a motorcycle helmet, which can undermine the importance of personal protection devices. Even when states require helmets, not many people understand how they are supposed to fit, so they go for comfort rather than efficiency, meaning they go for a 4XL motorcycle helmet rather than a 2XL because the looser fit is more breathable and doesn’t cause as much pressure. Wearing an improperly sized helmet is dangerous, especially when involved in a collision.

Why Your Motorcycle Helmet Needs To Be Fitted

The problem with wearing a helmet that is too big is two-fold: impaired vision and less impact protection. When wearing a loose-fitting helmet, it can swivel or vibrate as you ride. The vibration and movement can cause double vision or even blur the road in front of you. Each of these problems leads to poor depth perception, timing, and decision-making. With the impairment, the odds of getting in an accident increase, which is especially dangerous as the helmet is not as protective as it should be.

Even if you are wearing one of the best Arai helmets, it will not perform as it should if it is too big. While no helmet will protect you against all injuries, they are designed to reduce the risk of severe head injuries. However, to perform this task effectively, they must fit snuggly.

You want the padding inside the helmet to press against your cheeks, pushing up slightly. The padding should be touching your head all the way around, and while minor wiggling is Ok, the helmet should not move too freely. If the helmet isn’t stabilizing your head, it will not protect you during an accident; instead, allowing your head to bounce within the helmet increases the risk of injury.

Best Arai Helmets Out Now

If you are looking for some of the best motorcycle helmets currently available, look no further than the Arai brand. While these helmets can be a bit pricey, they provide significant protection and full-face coverage.

Two of the best models on the market right now include the Arai Quantum-X Solid Helmet and the Corsair-X Solid Helmet. The Quantum-X consists of an upper ventilation duct, keeping you cool during those long summer rides, and the improved shell design ensures the implementation of the highest safety standards. The Corsair-X incorporates multi-positional vents for custom air movement, and the body provides a quiet, comfortable ride.

If you are ready to find your next motorcycle helmet, make sure to have it properly fitted. Contact a local motorcycle part and equipment dealer if you need assistance.

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