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All you need to know about Sar Pass Trek

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introduction: The Sar Pass trek is in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh, a state of India. Sar in the local language is referred to as a lake. When one is trekking in the Sar Pass trek one can find a lake which is frozen. Located almost 14000ft above the sea level, one can admire the snow capped mountains and a small lake amidst the beautiful hills of Himachal Pradesh.

For an adventurous and mountain lover person, this place is a paradise. Sar Pass trek is considered as one of the most beautiful treks in India where one can be moved away by thick forests, beautiful meadows and some very loud streams.

How to reach: If one plans to trek Sar Pass, Kasol is the base village for the trek. One can literally feel a very classic Israeli vibe as described by Shakespeare in one of his classic play, hamlet or let’s say Vishal Shekhar’s haider which is also inspired from hamlet. 

One can experience some beautiful woods while advancing towards the trek which is very dreamy itself. As one moves further the beautiful and enchanting wood is replaced by beautiful big meadows and very loud and fiery streams contrasting with the meadows. Then this scene is also replaced by the sheet of snow which seems to evoke the calm spirit within yourself. 

This trek is really exhausting because of the inclination degree of the trek but, the beauty of nature all around a person constantly keep the other person alive and going. And because of the uphill and downhill journey of the Sar Pass trek the starting point and the ending point of this entire journey is Kasol only.

The changing point in the Sar Pass trek is there is an incline or one has to slide down the slope after reaching Sar pass and then come back to Kasol.

It isn’t a very hush and fast trek as one atleast takes 4-5 days to complete this trek and there are various stops like:- kasol to grahan village, Grahan to Mung Thach,Mung Thach to Nagaru, Nagaru to Biskeri Thach via Sar pass and then one has to return back downhill which is mentioned above, a whole different and thrilling experience. 

One can literally enjoy the roller coaster ride and feel an adrenaline rush in their body when that inclination occurs and one can feel their inner child come back to life all over again.

One can enjoy the beauty of Himalayan ranges and also experience the life of people living in these beautiful mountains by staying in Kasol. Since Sar Pass is essentially a mountain ridge, it is the best for fit beginners.

Located in the Parvati valley of Kullu, one can experience and look at the fierce Parvati river as the loud and thrashing sound of the water against the rocks literally gushes the blood in your body. And, as loud as it sounds, one’s imagination of a very high current river is not wrong at all.

perks: One can get amazed and be allured by the beauty of the flora and fauna in these snow capped mountains and the beautiful clouds and the direct rays of the sun acts as an energy booster so as to keep going.

Even at the route, one can encounter some small streams that are basically coming from the mountains which add as a thrilling element of the journey of the trekkers. 

The trekker not only just have to walk in the trails admist the mountains and the meadows but also, have to cross the ice cold streams directly melting from the snow capped mountains.

One can enjoy the perfect skies and at night time one can enjoy the amazing view of stargazing as one can experience the beautiful twinkling blanket of stars in the sky and can even observe the shooting stars.

This thrilling adventure can be enjoyed from the month of May to October when there are thick blankets of snow on the higher altitudes.

Sar Pass being such a scenic beauty, one should not forget to bring their cameras and video recorders to keep a track of this beautiful journey not only in their part of memories but also share the captivating beauty with others.

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