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Check JEE Advanced Sample Papers Here

Check JEE Advanced Sample Papers Here

While preparing for any exam, it is very important for students to go through the previous year papers. Since the JEE exam is highly competitive, students are recommended to revise and learn previous year sample papers. This will help them to understand the question pattern, syllabus, and difficulty level of the exam. Practicing previous year question papers will also help the students to improve their speed of solving problems and accuracy. Thus the students can easily crack the JEE exam.

Students will be well confident to face the exam if they are thorough with the previous year papers. It helps them to figure out their weaker areas and thus they can give more importance to  those topics. The next step for those students who have cleared the JEE mains is the JEE Advanced exam. So, learning JEE advanced sample papers is highly recommended for them. This helps them to face the exam in a stress-free manner. 

Advantages of Solving JEE Advanced Sample Paper

Following are some advantages of solving JEE Advanced Paper.

  • Students will get knowledge about the real exam scenario.
  • Solving sample papers helps students to check their level of preparation.
  • Find the difficulty level of the exam.
  • Boost confidence, speed and accuracy.
  • Time management.

Students can easily find out these sample papers on different websites. They can also download the pdf and keep for offline use. Students can download the PDFs from BYJU’S websites for free.

Sample Paper Pattern

The paper consists mainly of objective type multiple-choice questions. The duration of the exam is 3 hours. The total number of questions is 90. Total marks is 360. The question paper is available in English and Hindi. The subjects are Physics, Chemistry and Maths. The paper contains MCQs and numerical answer type questions. The number of papers is 2. 

Importance of Probability in JEE 

Students are required to have a clear understanding about the syllabus of the JEE exams. Probability is an important topic in Mathematics. It talks about the result or outcome of an experiment. It can be used to foresee the event likeliness. The value lies between 0 and 1. Greater probability denotes the greater chance of occurrence of an event. The probability formula is given by P(A) = Number of outcomes favourable/Total number of outcomes. Here P(A) denotes the probability of an event A.

This is an easy topic if learned in the proper method. Students can find problems related to probability in the websites of different Ed-tech companies. Candidates can expect 2-3 questions from this topic. So practicing probability problems are highly recommended. Learning previous year questions on probability helps students to understand the type of questions asked from this topic. Thus they will be able to solve the problems in a faster way.

The important topics in probability include mutually exclusive events, Theorem of total probability, Bayes’ theorem, Mutually exhaustive events, dependent events, Bernoulli trials, independent events, etc. Learning the properties and important properties of probability will help students to solve questions from this topic, easily. 


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