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How To Charge the Car Battery With Yourself

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In this article, we will describe how to charge a car battery with your own hands in the case of any mishap. But first, the primary diagnostics of the battery is important. It involves checking the quantity of electrolyte and measuring the prescribed voltage of the battery. If you don’t have the right set of equipment, it’s better to contact the best car service center in Mumbai, rather than trying to fix everything by yourself. 

The battery is one of the main elements of all modern cars. With their help, you can start the engine. Moreover, it also serves as the main power source for all-electric components when the car is not in running condition. Anyhow, we will not get in detail about the role of the battery in the car’s functioning, but move on to the main thing – how to charge the battery with your own hands?

Battery diagnostics methods:

Before a battery gets completely discharged, it warns the car owner that it requires diagnostic work. There is a special warning light up on the dashboard; whenever it lights up, it is proof that your battery will be dead soon. Moreover, interruption in the battery,  the sign of which often occurs at the time the engine is started, can also show insufficient charging.

To diagnose the condition of the battery, two methods are usually used:

  1. Monitoring the quantity of the electrolyte.
    You can easily measure the electrolyte levels and its density using a hydrometer. For performing this step, a little electrolyte is taken from each battery can for sample. In summers, the amount of electrolyte should be up to 50% in a single cell. In winters, it should occupy more than 25% of the space.

  2. Measurement of the degree of battery voltage.
    This technique involves using a load plug, which, with minimal errors, determines each battery cell’s charge level. If the value of each of them is less than 1.7 V, it means the battery is going to be dead soon, and you must contact car repair service Mumbai.

Battery charging procedure

Before connecting the battery for charging, it is a must to check the electrolyte level. If the substance is lacking, it is essential to add a conductive solution to the needed level. Now you can connect the charging terminal and start applying a voltage to the battery. NOTE: It is not recommended to change this step, as it can cause all circuit elements’ failure and give an electric shock.

Next, you need to regulate the current that is being supplied to the battery. It is recommended to keep the value equal to 1/10 of the total capacity of the cells in the battery that you need to charge. The threshold voltage should be between 1.45 to 1.48V, depending upon the wear and tear of the battery and outside temperature. You can easily check the battery charge percentage from the position of the arrow on the ammeter. The closer the arrow gets to the zero marks, the more the battery will charge.  In turn, the time required to completely charge a car battery depends solely on its condition. 

About the Company: 

The car service is in great demand in Mumbai. Therefore, many services are offering this job. But not all workers have sufficient knowledge, just as not all workshops have the necessary equipment to carry out a truly professional car repair.

At Getpitstop, our car service has extensive experience, but we do not stop there – we regularly undergo training and improve the qualifications of our mechanics. Reputation is important for us, therefore we carry out maintenance and replacement with high quality. 


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