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Gokarna Beach Trek



A small temple town on the west coast of India within the Kumta talt region of Uttara Kannada district in Karnataka province. the temple and many deities are Lord Shiva, also called Mahabaleshwara. The temple contains objects believed to be the original image of Linga Shiva’s (Atmalinga). There are many other temples everywhere in this city. Ankola and Kumta on the NH66 are several cities. Gokarna is collectively understood by seven important Hindu pilgrimage centers. Recently, due to the influx of tourists, the morale of the city has changed; it is not just a place of pilgrimage, even though most of the devotees visit to bring prayers and worship to Lord Shiva. Thanks to its receding, unspoiled, and beautiful nature, many young westerners began visiting Gokarna a decade ago. The beaches around Gokarna could not be rented by locals until these western visitors first came. Gokarna has several beaches so the itinerary is popularly known as the “Golden Route”. The trail will include a walk along the coast on the rocky hills on one side and therefore the Arabian Sea stretching on the other side. The trail will face several beaches starting with Kudle beach, then head to the most famous OM-level beach and see travelers spending many hours. Then you move on to rocky hillsides and reach half the moon or the oceans. The beach hopping trail ends with the Paradise Sea. it is a great place to spend your weekend walking along the beach and indulging in rocks on the beautiful Arabian Sea.

About Gokarna Beach Trek-

Gokarna, which raises the ear of a cow, may be a sacred site found on the shores of Karavali located between the rivers of Agnashini and hence Gangavali. It is believed that Aatmalinga of Lord Shiva is inside the cow’s ear, hence the name Gokarna. Gokarna is praised together for seven ‘Muktistalas’ places or tourist centers in Karnataka in India. Gokarna experiences a southwest storm from June to August, after which the weather is pleasant and light. The easiest time to visit Gokarna is from October to March when the weather is mild and pleasant. The mid-term run of the Gokarna Beach Trek makes it the ultimate helpline and flawless escape of the a try it is worth of it.

When someone says he is walking, the mountain emerges from inside the mind with a beautiful snow that wears on top of the back and the sun sets to end the formation of the earth. The Gokarna Beach Trek beats this mental art to offer something more amazing and heartwarming than a daily mountain trek.


After leaving Gokarna beach, one should head towards Kudle via Gokarna beach. After crossing the main checkpoint, we took a small hill to Capitol Hill which connects both Gokarna and the sea is Kudle. In this small climb, they found a small temple. The view from this temple was the beginning of a multitude of beautiful plains very close by. the main one during this was a small green area, where one could sit and enjoy the view of the sea. After spending about 5-10 minutes in this area we continued to head towards Kudle. From here, we had to climb the stairs from the left side of the temple to the hill. there is a well-marked trail that will lead you to the seas of Kudle. This route takes you to the back of the mountain. One was perfectly fine until the moment they went up. But as soon as they got to the top, they were amazed at how wonderful the people were. This was a steep slope overlooking the coast. We spent 10-15 minutes admiring the beauty of nature and continued our journey on. After walking the additional 1 mile we again got a view of the falls on the shore. this point was extremely beautiful because the falls were divided into two parts by a steep road leading to the shore and its beautiful and magnificent. This part of the journey seemed to be some kind of green opening in the earth’s crust. The thing about this trip is that there are lots of green and beautiful hillsides and therefore the beach.


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